Sample Instructional Materials

Example syllabi, assignments, and workshops- for both
the studio and non-studio classroom settings


“The Artist As Archetype”

Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Studio in Contemporary Art Practices

semester long multi-media course designed for the studio environment. Includes 4 sample assignment sheets, proposed schedule and course objectives


Symptom as Identity:
Illness and Representations

Special Topics Graduate Seminar in Art History  

semester long theory seminar designed for graduate/mature students. Includes proposed course schedule, objectives and reading materials


Sample Workshops


Typography + Letterpress

Companion booklet to introductory letterpress demonstrations held at Concordia University Print Media Department



Examine, and clarify expectations - for both students and instructors

Pulp Thesis

Pulp Thesis

A thesis statement refinement workshop in the style of Quentin Tarantino. Come prepared to class with your Royale with cheese…