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Elliott has some words for you:


elliott is a/n

artist- holding an MFA from Concordia University, Montreal in Print Media

writer - working specifically across diaristic/autobiographical texts.

teacher - having worked as an educator in numerous studio/academic/theory contexts ranging from community engagements, to university level instruction settings. 

speaker - artists lectures, engaging students in both history and practice; pontificating at your favourite cafe.




Elliott Rajnovic works with writing, drawing, printmaking, performance, and bookmaking. He explores the fundamental role that reading (both texts and images) plays as a springboard for alternative, adaptable narratives. These unexpected stories seek to disrupt the viewer’s expectations, which are set forth by the frame or container of the material, which is, in many cases, the written word itself. Drawing inspiration from sources storied in tradition (from the 18th-century proselytizing tract pamphlet to the ‘ültra-mødërn’ IKEA catalogue), Rajnovic relocates the personal narrative into the semi-anonymous, ever-present archetype of the assumed modern-western-white-upper-middle-class-consumer.

He lives and works in Edmonton, Alberta


 Elliott Rajnovic pratique l’écriture, le dessin, les arts d’impression, la performance et la création de livres pour explorer le rôle fondamental de la lecture (à la fois des textes et des images) en tant que tremplin pour des récits parallèles et adaptables. Ces histoires inattendues visent à perturber les attentes du lecteur, fixées par le cadre ou le contenant du matériel qui, dans de nombreux cas, est le mot écrit lui-même. S’inspirant de sources conservées dans la tradition (comme la brochure prosélytique du 18e siècle du catalogue « ültra-mødërn » d’IKEA), Elliott Rajnovic resitue le récit personnel pour en faire l’archétype semi-anonyme et omniprésent du soi-disant consommateur moderne-occidental-blanc-de la classe moyenne supérieure.


Il vit et travaille à Edmonton, Alberta



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