Life Requires Assembly

Begun in 2012 as a singular project Life Requires Assembly set out to encapsulate a particularly calamitous summer in the most appropriate format for a young, in-(student)debt-ed, design-hip(ster), 20-something: the IKEA catalogue.

Re-designing the 2012 IKEA catalogue page for page the artist has systematically re-produced the existing layouts. This time the catalogue is devoid of images, and in place of prices and precious Faux-Scandinavian names are vignettes and short stories mirroring the themes of the life best lived through flat packed design. The work is tragicomic melodrama as only an overly educated (and overtly self-deprecating) transplanted Mid-Atlantic-American can be- the confessional text of the book has been described as “too good and too devastating” as well as “elusively sad”.

A cycle of seasonal editions is in progress.