2015, Print Installation

Dimensions variable

Arrayed upon a long stretch of the gallery wall hang an imposing grid of standard black and white business cards. The artist’s full name is emblazoned in center of each, above a dotted line each inscribed by hand with a profession, an occupational domain:

researcher, illustrator, volcanologist, pediatrician, writer, scholar,sales associate, arctic expedition leader, antarctic expedition leader, artisanal butcher, florist, chef, educator, department store santa claus.

The grid of proposed vocations stretches across the gallery, a long form installation of repetition with minor difference. The final card in the grid is unlike its fellows; in block script the following message is declared:

With a nod to notions of professionalism, authority, license as well as vocation, calling, purpose and production this work brings into conversation the line between maker and made, between one’s self and one’s work. There is intentional inclusion of slightly more outlandish or perhaps ill fitting career choices: national parks ranger, volcanologist, structural engineer, pharmaceutical researcher; I am interested in the lingering stigma of pedagogical institutions functioning not only a places of research and discovery but also as the location in which one is trained to make a living. The delineations of belonging to particular groupings of makers, thinkers or aspiring not to belong to another collective is a politic that endures - as a sometimes member of many different allegiances and an aspirant to many more I take full advantage of my position as an artist, that all encompassing amorphous designation, to belong to belong to both, neither and all of whatever I choose.